1960's Rock-N-Roll Bands from the San Jaoquin Valley
(U - Z)

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Untied Sons of America
Bakersfield, CA
Band Members:

Gerry Blake (vocals/keyboards); Jerry Richey (bass guitar); Steve Woods (Vocals/Percussion); Mike Huestis (drums); and Richard Freeman

The "United Sons of America" was a five piece band based out of Bakersfield, California. The group released one album in 1970 titled "Greetings from the U.S. of A." (Mercury). The "U.S. of A." band members consisted of Gerry Blake (vocals/keyboards); Jerry Richey (bass guitar); Steve Woods (Vocals/Percussion); Mike Huestis (drums); and Richard Freeman (vocals/guitar). Mike Huestis (drums) was a member of many other Bakersfield bands such as "The Centaurs," "Soul Research Foundation," and
"Flight." The "United Sons of America" were a great rock band as evidenced by many of the cuts on their only release ("Welcome to the U.S. of A.").
My favorite track off the album is "Children of the Midst." An original song ("Friends Come and Gone") is also a killer track. I recommend going to
You Tube and giving it a listen.

Many thanks to Michael S. Huestis (son of
Mike Huestis) for contacting me and providing this information.


  1. Jimmy K
    Jimmy K
  2. Jimmy Kay and the Vibadors-1965
    Jimmy Kay and the Vibadors-1965
  3. Title 4
    Title 4
Jimmy Kay
The Vibradors
Kingsburg, CA

Band Members:
​Jimmy K (other band members not known)

Jimmy Kay and The Vibradors were a great surf group based out of Kingsburg, CA.  They performed through-out the central valley including the top teen hot spots in Fresno (i.e. Rainbow Ballroom and Crimson Castle).
The Vibradors also performed for many MELCO Dances.



  1. The United Sons of America - 1970
    The United Sons of America - 1970
  2. Andre's Drive-In - Bakersfield, CA
    Andre's Drive-In - Bakersfield, CA
  3. KAFY Radio - Bakersfield, CA
    KAFY Radio - Bakersfield, CA
  1. Managing Director
    August - 1968
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

Modesto, CA

 Band Members:
Ed Bowman (bass guitar- guitar), Mike O'Bryan (drums - lead vocals), Steffen Presley (organ-lead vocals), and Kevin Beamish (lead guitar).

"Weathervane" was a great garage rock group that was based out of Modesto, Ca.  The group performed through-out California including dates at
the "Coconut Grove" in Santa Cruz.  "Weathervane" signed with "Plamie Recorded" and recorded one single ("4-4, 4-5" and "My Original  Blue Jeans"). The group dis-banded after two years and keyboardist
Steffen Presley formed a new band called "Strange Laughter."

  1. Wildwood - "Plastic People"
    Wildwood - "Plastic People"
  2. Wildwood - 1968
    Wildwood - 1968
  3. Mark Ross - Fillmore West
    Mark Ross - Fillmore West
Stockton, CA
1968 - 1972
Band Members:

John Turner (Guitar), Tim Mora (Drums - kneeling), Frank Colli (Lead Vocals - Bass), and Mark Ross (Keyboards).


"Wildwood" was a great garage band based out of Stockton, CA from  1968 - 1972.  The group's high energy powerful tracks were fueled by lead vocalist Frank Colli.  The group currently has a two CD albums out with some cool songs.  Go to iTunes, Amazon, or Napster to hear the tracks.  This is a must listen!  
"Wildwood" was originally called "The Mal-T's" (1967-1968).  It's members were: Tim Mora (drums), Bob Zachary (lead vocals), Mark Ross (keyboards), Danny Williams (guitar and vocals), and Johnny Hensley (bass and vocals).