1960's Rock-N-Roll Bands from the San Jaoquin Valley
(S - T)

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Sam Eddy
The Revels
Morro Bay, CA

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
    Sam Eddy, piano; Jerry Sagouspe, drums; Jim MaCrae, bass; Dean Sorenson, sax (kneeling); Norman Knowles, sax (back row); Merrel Fankhauser, guitar and Tim Fankhauser, guitar.
  3. Managing Director
    Bass Lake (The Falls) 1960
  4. Managing Director
    Morro Bay, CA - 1961
  5. Managing Director
    Morro Bay - 1961
 Band Members:
​Brian England, Dan Darnold, Norman Knowles, Sam Eddy, Jim Macrae, and Dave Davis, (Dave Davis replaced original guitartist Gil Serna in 1960).

Sam Eddy and the Revels hailed from Morro Bay California.  The group is mentioned on the San Joaquin Valley site because they performed frequently for MELCO dances, in Fresno, and at Bass Lake (The Falls).
The group's most  well known track "Church Key" was recorded by numerous surf groups of the
era. The Revels came together in 1957 while attending San Luis Obispo  High School. They were first known as Gil Serna and the Rockets.
The Revels first single "Six Pack" was released in 1959.  In the summer of 1960   Sam Eddy and The Revels released their infamous single "Church Key." 
 In 1994, one of The Revels great surf tunes (Comanche) was placed in the hit movie - "Pulp Fiction."

  1. MELCO Dance - Tulare
    MELCO Dance - Tulare
  2. KLAN Radio - Hanford, CA
    KLAN Radio - Hanford, CA
The Satellites
Tulare, CA
Band Members:

​​(band member names not known)


The Satellites were a great five piece rock-n-roll band  based out of  Tulare, CA.  The group played through-out the central valley and performed at many
 MELCO dances and teen venues.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

​San Andreas Fault
​Visalia, CA

 Band Members:

Band member 's names not known.

San Andreas Fault was based out of Visalia, CA.  The group performed through-out the valley and larger venues.  
  1. Managing Director
    The Early Years - 1966
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
    "Coming Home" - New Album
  5. Managing Director
    2004 Reunion - Kingsburg, CA
  6. Managing Director
    Battle of the Bands - Dinuba, CA

The Sedate Sunshine Colony
Kingsburg, CA

 Band Members :
Russ Zakarian,  Woody Bell, Craig Anderson,  Jeff Anderson, Katie Engstrom .
The S.S.C. performed through-out the central valley area and for many MELCO dances.  They had a great sound that was similar to The Grassroots and The Byrds.   The Sedate Sunshine Colony competed in a number of ‘battle of the bands’ against a wide variety of local groups around Fresno, including rock, soul, psychedelic, & folk-rock (i.e. The Accents, Twelve Miles Out, and Jim K and the Vibradors).

The S.S.C. entered the studio in July, 2008 recorded a CD of original songs.   Check it out - it is a great CD.

Many thanks to Jeff Anderson for providing some cool photos of the S.S.C.. 

"I Don't Love You That Way"
Album:  Coming Home
"Coming Home"
Album:  Coming Home
Album:  Coming Home
"The Word Is Free"
Album:  Coming Home
"He Was I Was"
Album:  Coming Home
  1. The Saturday Nights - 1965
    The Saturday Nights - 1965
  2. June - 1965
    June - 1965
Visalia, CA
Band Members:
Beverly Chavez, Louie Quezada - Exeter (guitar); Kenn
Christie - Visalia (guitarist-bassist); Jesse McCuin - Visalia
(bass-guitar-vocals); Johnny Mccuin - Visalia (drummer-vocals); and Lester Bock - Visalia - (keyboards - vocalist).

The Saturday Nights were another great valley group and they were based out of Visalia.  The Saturday Nights performed through-out the valley area from Fresno to Bakersfield including The Rose Garden at Pismo Beach.  The group also recorded in Fresno and JanEl Records in San Jose.

Many thanks to Kenn Christie from San Jose for
providing the photos and information.

  1. MELCO Dance - 2008
    MELCO Dance - 2008
  2. MELCO Dance
    MELCO Dance
  3. Title 3
    Title 3
  4. Second Wind
    Second Wind
  5. Second Wind
    Second Wind
  6. Second Wind
    Second Wind
  7. Second Wind
    Second Wind
Second Wind
Eugene, OR
Band Members:
Rob Vandcamp, Danny O'Neil, Jim Schwabl, and Dick Lee.

 Second Wind is a garage rock group based out of Eugene, OR.  The band is mentioned here because two members (Dick Lee and Danny O'neil) were members of SJV bands during the 1960's.  Danny O'Neil was lead guitartist and keyboard player for a Fresno band called "The Exterminators" while Dick Lee was the drummer for a Lemoore based group called "The Brymers."

  1. The Sentry's
    The Sentry's
  2. The Sentry's
    The Sentry's
The Sentry's
Coalinga, CA
Band Members:
Jerry Oliver (guitar); Mike Popejoy (guitar); Jack Tiner (drums); Paul Porter (drums - later on); Rick Weekly (bass); Barney Diaz (lead vocals); and Phil Oliver (tenor saxophone). 


The Sentry's were a great surf band that was based out of Coalinga, CA.   According to Mike Popejoy (guitar), the birth of the Sentrys was 1957. The group's first name was The Red Royals.  Later on, Randy Hall (The Roadrunners) suggested the name "The Sentrys." The group played locally for Coalinga High School functions, Legion Hall activities, The Eagles Hall, and
The Elks Lodge.

​Many thanks to Mike Popejoy for sharing his memories, and photos.

Discography of The Sentrys:
1. The Sentrys: "On the Road After 40 Years"
2. The Essential Sentrys: "Makin' Jam"
3. The Sentrys: "Formally Yours - The Last Bash"



  1. The Sentinels
    The Sentinels
The Sentinels
San Luis Obispo, CA
Band Members:

​Tommy Nunes, John Barbarta, Lee Michaels, and Kenny Hinkle.  (other band member name's not known)

The Sentinels were based out of San Luis Obispo, Ca.  They are mentioned here because they played frequently in the San Joaquin Valley.   The group was
formed in 1961 and disbanded in the mid 1960's.   John Barbarta (drummer) went on to become a member of The Turtles and The Jefferson Starship. Lee Michaels (keyboards/vocals) was with the
group for a while. Tommy Nunes played lead guitar and sang while Kenny Hinkle played bass guitar and also provided vocals. 

The Sentinels performed at venues such as The Rose Garden (Pismo Beach, CA), Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA), The Cigar Factory (San Luis Obispo, CA), The Rainbow Ballroom (Fresno, CA), and numerous Los Vegas clubs.


  1. Managing Director
    Solid Gold and The Classics - 1974
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Solid Gold and The Classics
Hanford, CA

 Band Members:

John Ferrel (vocals/guitar); Jim Greaser (vocals); John Ruck (vocals/drums); and Larry Allen (vocals/bass guitar). 
Solid Gold and The Classics were a great group which hailed from Hanford, California. The band members L. to R. : John Ferrel (vocals/guitar); Jim Greaser (vocals); John Ruck (vocals/drums);
and Larry Allen (vocals/bass guitar). Soldi Gold and
The Classics performed all over the central
valley area. 

  1. Strange Laughter- 1968
    Strange Laughter- 1968
Strange Laughter
Modesto, CA
Band Members:
Steffen Presley (organ-vocals), Tom Aragon (bass guitar),
Kimber Glendening (drums),  and David Rose (lead guitar).


Steffen Presley formed "Strange Laughter" after "Weathervane"
dis-banded.  The group was another great rock act that hailed from
 Modesto, CA and performed through-out California.  "Strange Laughter" did not have any recordings.

The two posters pictured inm the slide show are from "Strange Laughter" concerts at the "California Ballroom" in Modesto, CA.  The groups listed are: "Country Weather," "Meat and Cheese," and "Strange Laughter."
Note: Many thanks to Steffen Presley for sharing his photos and great memories.  I highly recommend that all of you go to "CD Baby"
 and check out Steffen Presley's new album titled "Pluto Head."



  1. Steam - 1968
    Steam - 1968
  2. Steam - 1968
    Steam - 1968
Fresno, CA
Band Members:
Randy Koontz, Doug Maddox, Kirk Pool, and
Steve Greene.

Steam was another great garage rock group that hailed from Fresno, CA.  The band was formed by guitartist Kirk Pool and performed at all the Fresno teen venues (Rainbow Ballroom) and through-out the valley.  

Many thanks to Kirk Pool for sharing his memories and photos.  



  1. Danny Thomas and Al Verissimo, Sr (manager of Stepping Stones)
    Danny Thomas and Al Verissimo, Sr (manager of Stepping Stones)
  2.  Rick Delk John Delmatier;  V.L. Sparkman; Greg Manacini; Beaver Starling, and Al Verissimo,Jr.
    Rick Delk John Delmatier; V.L. Sparkman; Greg Manacini; Beaver Starling, and Al Verissimo,Jr.
  3. 1966
  4. 1967
  5. 1965
  6. The Stepping Stones with Danny Thomas  -1968
    The Stepping Stones with Danny Thomas -1968
  7. 1964
  8. 1968
  9. 1968
The Stepping Stones
Tulare, CA
Band Members:
Greg Mancini (drums/vocals); Rick Delk (guitar/keyboards/vocals); John Delmatier (sax); V.L. Sparkman (guitar/vocals); and  Al Verissimo Jr. (bass guitar/vocals).

"The Stepping Stones" were another great garage band from the central valley area.  The group performed through-out the country and played popular as-well-as "R&B" sounds of the day.  Al Verissimo, Bill Silva (Diplomacy Records), and Mel Simas would later manage their three bands from the valley  (The Stepping Stones, The Brymers, and The Gauchos).   The Stepping Stones performed with the greats of the day (i.e. The Coasters, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, The Grass Roots, Jefferson Airplane, and Sunny and Cher).

The original founding members of The Stepping Stones were: Elwin (Elmo) Starling (Sax, Woodwinds, percussion); Roger Thompson (Lead Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboard); Charley  Allen (Rhythm Guitar); Al Verissimo Jr. (Bass Guitar, Trombone, Percussion); Richard Wasnick (Keyboard, Trumpet); and Bobby Adome (drums).


Dane Sturgeon
Tulare, Ca
Band Members:
Dane Sturgeon (vocalist, songwriter).

In the 1960’s, Dane Sturgeon, a 1948 graduate of Tulare Union High School and a son of C.R.“Budge” and Gretchen Sturgeon, wrote a song about the haunted "Ghost of Bardsley Road."  With Dane singing the lyrics, the “Ghost of Bardsley Road” was recorded at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles.  “Ghost” was the lead song on an LP album of ten songs, entitled “Wild ‘n’ Tender”.  Maniacal laughter precedes the song and fills the gaps between the verses and the chorus.  


The Sullies
Lemoore, CA
  1. Ascetate Recording by The Sullies - 1965
    Ascetate Recording by The Sullies - 1965
  2. The Nocturnes - 1965
    The Nocturnes - 1965
  3. The Sullies - 1965
    The Sullies - 1965
  4. Rick Stephen, Dave Geffken, Steve Perry, and Bill Bilhou - 1968.
    Rick Stephen, Dave Geffken, Steve Perry, and Bill Bilhou - 1968.
Band Members:

1965 - The Nocturnes (Lemoore, CA)
 Steve Porter, Frank Bento, Bill Bilhou, and Steve Perry.

1965 - The Sullies (Lemmore, CA)
 Steve Porter, Dave Gefkin,  Bill Bilhou, and Steve Perry.


The Nocturnes were a great garage band that was based out of Lemoore.  Later, the group morphed into "The Sullies."   The Sullies performed through-out California including venues such as "The Fillmore West" in San Francisco.  Later on, Steve Perry became the lead vocalist and frontman for "Journey."  Note, that one of the photos on the left is of The Sullies after winning a "Battle of the Bands" at the Calaveras County Fair in May, 1968.  The group won $100.00, a trophy, and an invitation to open for Big Brother and the Holding Company and The Steve Miller Band at the Fillmore West in San Francisco.


  1. The Five Trebles - 1958
    The Five Trebles - 1958
The Five Trebles
Fresno, CA
Band Members:

 (Far Left): Note, that Jim Doval is playing the piano.  Other band member's names not known.

The Five Trebles were based in Fresno, California. Note, that the keyboard player is Jim Doval who later formed Jim Doval and the Gauchos.

Many thanks to Melissa O. Simon. 



  1. Twelve Miles Out - 1968
    Twelve Miles Out - 1968
  2. Battle of the Bands - Dinuba, CA
    Battle of the Bands - Dinuba, CA
  3. Title 4
    Title 4
  4. Twelve Miles Out
    Twelve Miles Out
Twelve Mile Out
Kingsburg, Ca
1966 - 1970
Band Members:

Jerry Satterberg, (Drummer - Leader - Vocals); Dave Deaver (Lead Guitar - Vocals); Chris Jensen (Hammond B-3 - Vocals);
and Tim Harris (Bass guitar - Vocals). 

"Twelve Miles Out" (TMO) was a great rock group from the Kingsburg area. The group performed locally for MELCO Dances and frequently at a teen night club in Fresno called The Crimson Castle. TMO was an opening act for a MELCO Dance which featured
"The Gollywogs (Credence Clearwater Revival) in the late 1960's.  The group derived its name from drink called "Twelve Miles Out." 

In 1968, Dave Deaver left the  group and was replaced by Larry Young on Lead guitar). The unofficial
manager, sound tech, and substitute bass player was Lennis Scheline.

* Many thanks to Lennis Scheline (Kingsburg) for providing this information.



  1. The Blue Satins - 1968
    The Blue Satins - 1968
The Blue Satins
Tulare, CA

Band Members:
Joe Rodrigues (Trumpet), John Trujillo (Keyboard), Gilbert Ornelas (Lead Guitar), John "Sugar Bear" Rodrigues
(Bass Guitar), Henry Garcia (Drums), and Jack Duran (Sax).
Front Row (L to R): Ned Grigsby (lead and background vocals), Paul Bennet (lead and background vocals), and Wesley Williams (lead and background vocals).


The Blue Satins were a great "R & B" group based out of Tulare, CA.   They played the hits of the day and performed through-out the central valley area.  Unfortunately, "The Blue Satins" did not make any recordings. 

Many thanks to Ray Baradat (The Charades) for providing the  photo.