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  1. "JOBS" (Release Date: August 16, 2013)
    Two songs by The Brymers ("Sacrifice" and "House of the Rising Sun") are featured in the new film "JOBS." A movie about Steve Jobs of Apple computers. The movie is of Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. It stars Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, and James Woods.. The soundtrack is scheduled for release on August 27, 2013 by "La La Records."
  2. "ONCE UPON A TIME" (ABC - Season 2 - Episode 11)
    (Rumpelstilskin and Belle having a hamburger date) The Brymers 1966 classic rock hit of "I Want to Tell You" was featured during this scene on ABC's "Once Upon A Time." It is a scene where Rumpelstilskin and Belle are having a hamburger date.
  3. "APART" Release Date: March 9, 2012
    The Brymers classic rock hit of "I Want to Tell You" was featured in a recently released film titled "Apart." "Apart" was released in March, 2012. "The film is the journey of the tragically star-crossed Noah and Emily who are linked by a rare psychological disorder classified as ICD-10 F24, madness of two. Drawing from actual case history, this richly evocative and unsettling mystery holds a love story that will haunt you long after the final scene. Available now On Demand, iTunes and in select theaters."
  4. "CHILLERAMA" Release Date: January 25, 2012
    "Chillerama" is a horror Zombie film which contains The Brymers hit of "Sacrifice." The film is directed by: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, and Tim Sullivan. If you are a horror film addict and like garage rock music you will like this flick. Chillerama can be streamed on Netflix and purchased at many video outlets.
  5. "Venice" Release Date
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  7. Jennifer Fields
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  8. Jennifer Fields
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To: The Brymers

“The Love From Our Soul”

Just as the jacket on the CD promised, be ready for variety and familiarity with each 
song. I could hear a surf music sound coupled with a real rock and roll foundation on most of the tracks. Live, I found the band clear and polished with warm danceable rhythms and an original classic overall tone that made me wonder how many superstars may have been influenced 
by the group and groups similar. I think get a sample and see if they are for hire but don't be surprised if they charge the price they are worth, then get ready to fill it to the top 
with The Brymers.  

 A.C. Smith, 
Music and Broadcast Technician, San Luis Obispo, CA
December 26, 2013

New CD Does Not Disappoint

"The Brymers latest CD "The Love From Our Soul" is here, and it does not disappoint ! It's Another romp through the sounds of the 60's, featuring a NEW recording of their hit "Sacrifice" !!  Highlights include a DC5-ish "I Want To Tell You" plus two great flat out rockers, "Show Me The Way" and "It's A Time Of Change"  It's like a "time warp" to central California in the mid 60's ! As usual, plenty of variety throughout this CD from the Ice Man and The Brymers - - Enjoy !"
Mike Lytle- DJ
Kansas City

"The Brymers Are Back"

"The Brymers are back, with 'The Love From Our Soul'.  The 15-track CD (with an additional intro and outro by The Iceman) is a very eclectic set highlighting The Brymers at their very best.  In addition to their two classic '60s songs, the garage punk 'Sacrifice' and the folk rock 'I Want To Tell You', outstanding tracks include 'I've Never Done This Before' (great rocker), 'Sunshine' (an infectious pop song with a cache of "Nah Nahs" and "Ooh Lah Lahs"), 'The Summer Of Love' (very cool folk rock), 'The Love From Our Soul'(the title track ballad) and 'Show Me The Way' (a rocking instrumental), the song selection features fantastic harmonies, wailing sax and some solid harmonica.  Traces of Procol Harum, Ricky Nelson, The Kinks, The Eagles and The Byrds are evident, and the band is in good stead backing Beverly Sawyer on a remake of 'The Rose'.  The Brymers just keep on rocking, providing "Their Music Just For You"...and it's a very welcome addition to the group's legacy. "

Mike Dugo
January, 2013

Listen to What DJ's have to say about "The Brymers"

"The Demons of Diversity -
The Sultans of the 60's"

"Never Too Old To Rock-n-Roll"

40 Year Brotherhood

“The Brymers are back .... again ! As a follow up to "40 Year Brotherhood", The Brymers have released a new CD entitled "Never Too Old To Rock N Roll". It's a great mix of that 60's Good Time Rock & Roll.My favorite cuts include "I Want To Tell You" which is a great gentle rocking number and "Cowgirl Delight."“Cowgirl Delight” has that kind of sound that makes you want listen to it again right away !And, a Brymers CD would not be complete without a standout instrumental and "Fit Me In" fills the bill. We get a return visit from the Iceman channeling Wolfman Jack & some great studio chatter just for fun. But THAT'S what the Brymers are all about... FUN ! If you like "40 Year Brotherhood" you need to check out "Never Too Old To Rock N Roll" !
Mike Lytle, D.J.
Kansas City
September, 2009 
The "40 Year Brotherhood " Cd is BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT! We have enjoyed it immensly, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch.
Kind regards Graham J Barclay
  [email protected]
Grahanm Barclay
SoundWave FM
New Zealand
"After listening to the Brymers fourth CD release ("Never Too Old To Rock-n-Roll")
I can sum up the 20 track installment in four words. These guys are "The Demons of Diversity."
This CD is a treasure that offers something to all music lovers. Take a spin with "The Sultans of the 60's and I guarantee that you will want to get up and dance."
David Anthony, Oldies D.J.
Fresno, CA
September, 2009

Red Hot Blues FM Radio
Vilafant, Spain

Twitter Buzz

Richard: I like the Cd very much, am very interesting and of great quality and very advisable for the lovers of the good music. Regards and thanks. Josep [email protected] 

Twitter Buzz
March 20, 2009
Today BeatPick invites you to travel back in time. With our new artist, original '60s flower-power band The Brymers! http://tiny. cc/UYjtP
*Many thanks to Beat Pick Publishing, Italy, for
signing many of the Brymers tracks for licensing


 If you were wondering where the Brymers have been since their 60's hit "Sacrifice", well look no further ! They have just come out with their latest CD entitled "40 Year Brotherhood". The highlight tracks for me were "Treat Her Right", a great up tempo number with a Kinks like riff that would make Dave Davies proud. Other top notch cuts include, "Bad Boy", "Fit Me In" and "Do You Think You Love Me", the last song mentioned being a fantastic little instumental. 18 songs plus some studio chatter take you right into the heart of the Brymers' world... a world where oldies from the 60's meet the high tech production efforts of today. To quote The Iceman on the opening track, doing his finest Wolfman Jack voice, "It's Time To Take Out Your Boogaloo" and enjoy the latest from the Brymers, "40 
IIIYear Brotherhood".

Mike Lytle
Kansas City


Sunday, Apr 06, 2008

Presents Award to The Brymers
Award: "I Want To Tell You" wins Folk Rock Track of the Day 
The Brymers's song, "I Want To Tell You" (written by Kenny Sinner) will be featured as GarageBand.com's Folk Rock Track of the Day on Sunday, the 13th of April, 2008.

Many thanks to Rootstime Zine, Belgium, for reviewing
"40 Year Brotherhood" on 12-6-2008.


Hoe zou het nog zijn met... The Brymers? The Brymers – spreek uit The ‘Brimmers’ – maakten veertig jaar geleden een paar keer de hitlijsten onveilig met snedige garagerock. Wij bonden onze mijnlamp voor en doken het archief in... Zomer ‘63, midden-Californië. Het is warm. De rock ’n roll storm is opgestoken en komt stilaan op kruissnelheid. Er zijn Beatles, wat Stones, The Kinks ook, Beach Boys en Yardbirds. Terwijl California baadt in fel zomerlicht, begeeft elke zichzelf respecterende rebel zich aan de garagerock. Zo ook een handvol tieners die later The Brymers zullen worden. Ze heten eens The Challengers, dan The De-Fenders en in hun finale bezetting The Brymers: Kenny Sinner, Bill Brumley, Jim Mellick en Dick Lee. Ze coveren er op los en ontwikkelen hun eigen stijl: een soort kruising tussen The Allman Brothers en The Kinks. Vettige zuiderse rock, gecombineerd met fuzzy gitaren. En als The Brymers fuzzy zeggen, dan bedóélen ze fuzzy! Getuige het potige ‘Sacrifice’ Waarmee ze in ’66 een hit hebben. Ze bereiken het hoogtepunt van hun roem in ’68 maar verdwijnen daarna stilletjes in de coulissen... tot een paar jaar geleden. Eerst was er een compilatie van oude opnames, vervolgens in 2007 een reünieplaat en nu dus de nieuwe: ’40 Year Brotherhood’. De heren hebben de smaak van het spelen duidelijk opnieuw te pakken. Ze werpen zich als jonge wolven op elke song. De ene keer is het erop, de andere keer erover, maar het resultaat is altijd aanstekelijk. Hun gretigheid mag ook blijken uit het brede scala aan stijlen dat aan bod komt. We worden welkom geheten door een Brymer-Iceman op de klassieke tonen van Green Onions van Booker T and the MG’s. Deze zelfde Iceman komt helemaal op het einde van de plaat terug in een hilarisch muzikaal telefoongesprekje met de jonge ‘Ruby’. Voor The Brymers is muziek in de eerste plaats fun, en met die instelling moet u hun plaat ook beluisteren om zo mee te genieten van hun speelplezier. Elke song roept andere referenties op. Heerlijk stomende orgelpartijtjes à la Dave Edmunds, tegendraadse kaalgeplukte riffs genre The Kinks, rechttoe rechtaan southern rock delta blues, alligators inbegrepen, you name it. Verder merkten wij nog op: een erg mooie versie van ‘Black Velvet’ gezongen door de van onder het stof gehaalde Jeannie Sanders en –noblesse oblige- heropgenomen versies van ‘Sacrifice’ en ‘I want to tell you’. The Brymers gaan nooit de Pullitzer priis voor hun songteksten krijgen, noch wagen zij zich erg ver van de klassieke paden van de rock, maar wat ze doen, doen ze met een enthousiasme dat op de benen mikt en raak schiet!
Duke J


(Austrialian music web site)

Written by Kit Burns
In the unpredictable world of rock & roll, there are has-beens and wanna-be’s, but what about the should-have-beens? The Brymers had the punky spunk and snappy pop hooks of the best British Invasion groups of the ’60s; however, mainstream success eluded them. Over the past couple of decades, their lost Summer of Love nuggets “Sacrifice” and “I Want to Tell You” became sought-after cult items. Since young acts such as the Strokes and the Hives made garage rock a hip alternative to much of today’s processed cheese, the Brymers are finally starting to get recognition a la their Pacific Northwest counterparts the Sonics. They even decided to reunite, and original drummer Dick Lee discusses how it all transpired.
*Click on the following link to read the entire article:

*Many thanks to Alice Cooper for playing some of "The Brymers" tracks on his syndicated national radio show.

June - 2008

Newspapers and Magazines are writing about The Brymers

Ugly Things Magazine

The Fresno Bee

Hanford Sentinel

"Ugly Things" Magazine
January, 2007 Issue - #26
(Many thanks to "U.G." magazine and Mike Stax for including reviews of The Brymers two CD releases)
The Fresno Bee Article
Fresno, CA
October 9, 2007

The Hanford Sentinel - Article
Hanford, CA
March 2, 2007
October, 12 2007

The Register Guard

Shindig Magazine"

The Music Collector's Magazine

"Shindig Magazine"
May - June, 2008 Issue
(Many thanks to the U.K. based "Shindig Magazine" for their piece on The Brymers)

The Registar Guard
HEugene, OR
June 22, 2007
"Goldmine The Music Collector's Magazine"
February 2018

"Indie-Music Magazine

Review of The Brymers: "40 Year Brotherhood"
CD by "Indie-Music Magazine
(February 9, 2009)
Artist: The Brymers

CD: 40 Year Brotherhood

Style: Garage Rock

Quote: "There is a wide audience for this undiscovered gem, and I hope that they get a chance to hear it."
 By Beeb Ashcroft

A 60s garage band that never quite broke into the mainstream, The Brymers have achieved a sort of cult following in recent years, as new listeners discover their music through the Internet and underground compilations. Forming in 1963, the band went through many name changes and tried a variety of bizarre promotional tactics suggested by their record company in an effort to get their music heard. In an article on the band's website, drummer Dick Lee tells interviewer Kit Burns that their record label instructed them to shave their heads and call themselves The Brymers. The hope was that it would make people think of Yul Brynner, and somehow this association was supposed to sell records. Sadly, it never quite panned out for the group, who disbanded in 1968.

Now that there is renewed interest in their music, The Brymers have reunited to pen new material together for the first time in decades. 40 Year Brotherhood is their third release since reforming and is a combination of new work, cover songs, and classic material from the band. 

The CD starts off with a few nostalgic nods to their early career, making reference to where they've been on the title track and "Love Of Rock-N-Roll." There are also several cover medleys, like track 16, which melds "Down In New Orleans," "Land Of 1000 Dances," and "Money."

"Sacrifice" and "I Want To Tell You" are Brymers songs from the 60s, and they are killer tracks. "I Want To Tell You" is a genuine, melodic track often compared to The Byrds, and it shines with its fantastic harmonies and rich sound. "Sacrifice" is an absolutely spot-on slice of dirty, frenetic garage rock. Lee mentioned that during the recording of this song, the amp burst into flames. Now that's how music should be made!

The rest of the CD focuses on the band's current efforts, mixing new compositions with some fun covers. The Brymers have not lost their touch, with well-played, timeless compositions. The new songs are written in the 60s rock style, for a refreshingly authentic feel. The new material is less garage and more bluesy, although there is still some nice psychedelic keyboard thrown in for good measure. 

Cuts like "Bad Boy" and "Fit Me In" are straight up rock, while songs like "The Dark Side" remind me more of country-twinged acts like The Eagles. "Do You Think You Love Me" is a tight instrumental effort that features some great guitar work.

I would love to see The Brymers record their new material using old methods. While I appreciate the skill that went into recording this record, I just don't think it does their material justice, although it is well done. It would sound amazing to hear their contemporary work recorded on tape in Mono – even if they don't set any amps on fire this time.

I am so glad that this band are starting to get some of the recognition they deserve. Their history is fascinating, and it holds a real value for listeners. There is a wide audience for this undiscovered gem, and I hope that they get a chance to hear it.