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Dick Lee and 60's Garage Rock from California Podcast

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Dick Lee and 60's Garage Rock from California" is a weekly one hour show that features great California Garage Rock along with the hits of the day. Take a romp through the 60's with Dick Lee and the Iceman and hear some cool garage music from the decade of the 1960's. Listen to the many interviews with musicians and fans of the 1960's to absorb the cool grooves of the time.

Listen on the internet and on your radio in the United States:
  • KOOL 104.5 FM-Saturdays-12:00 noon (PST)
  • So Faking Radio-Arizona
  • The Rock 97.3-Morro Bay, CA
  • KRYZ 98.5 FM (Mariposa, CA)
  • WZPH Radio (Dade City, FL)
  • Riot Radio-(Maryville, IL)
  • WYML 99.9 FM (Chicago area)
  • Experience FM 103.9 - Indianapolis
  •  WCNX 1710 AM (Middletown, CT)
  • Black Hole FM-Milford, CT
  • KOGY 95 FM-Hawaiian Pacific Radio
  • KWRH (St. Louis, MO)
  • KEWL 98 FM-(New Jersey)
  • Community Radio-(Long Island, NY)
  • WCSQ 105.9 FM (Cobleskill, NY)
  • KCEG- (North Dakota)
  • KHJ FM 105.3 - Albany, Oregon
  • KBFG (Seattle, WA).
  • 57 Chevy Radio,
  • NWCZ Radio (Seattle-Tacoma, WA)
  • HD Radio Network- (Dealfield, Wisconsin)
  • Remember Then Radio WRTR, U.S.
  • KWCZ - Seattle, WA
  • KITZ - Oregon
  • KZSR - Paso Robles, CA
  • KOWS - Santa Rosa, CA
  • HEAT FM Radio - (N.Y.)
  • Griffiti Radio - (U.K.)
  • Dusty Discs Radio (B.C., Canada)
Listen on these International Stations

  • Amsterdam International Radio
  • Classic Rock XL, Ontario, Canada
  • 60's Chart Busters -Cyprus
  • Supreme VIB-Z Radio-Jamaic
  • Atlantic Radio FM-U.K.
  • Brill 1449 Radio (U.K.)
  • Canal Side Radio, U.K.
  • Replay Radio FM - U.K
  • SG1 Radio (U.K.)
  • Sixties City Garage Rock, U.K
  • Way Out Radio FM - U.K.
  • FAB Radio Internation - Manchester, England
  • Akaroa World Radio-90.1 FM-New Zealand
  • M.A.D. FM - New Zealand
  • Northern Pirate Radio
  • Radio Flawless - (U.K.)
Dick Lee of The Brymers
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