1960's San Joaquin Valley

*Dedicated to the numerous friends and musicians who were members of great rock-n-roll groups from The Central San Joaquin Valley during the 1960's. We were frequently booked at the same venue by our manager, Mel Simas (Melco Interprises). Recently, a classic oldies D.J. (David Anthony) from Fresno, California referred to these groups as producing a distinct sound: "The Sounds of The San Joaquin."

*If you were a member of a 60's valley rock group and would like to post a photo and/or web site link of your group on this page, please contact me, [email protected]

*Send me your acetates, tapes, or old vinyl recordings for air play on my weekly radio show:  "Dick Lee and 60's Garage Rock from the Valley."

Califorinia ​
    Garage          Rock

(C - E)

Cannery Row - Bakersfield
Canterbury Fair- Fresno
Challengers, The - Lemoore
Chancellors, The  - Modesto, CA
Chandels, The - Fresno, Ca
Charades, The - Tulare
Cashmeres, The - Tulare, Ca
Children of Stone, The - Sacramento
Chocolate Tunnel, The - Bakersfield
Chosen Few, The - Stockton
Cindermen, The - Fresno
Citations, The - Bakersfield
Coachmen, The - Sacramento
Classix, The - Porterville
Colts, The - Bakersfield
Commons, The - Tranquility
Count Five, The - Sacramento
Crystal Image, The - Lodi
Crystal Syphon, The  - Merced
deFenders, The - Lemoore
Don Hinson and The Rigamorticians - Bakersfield
Don Wright and The Headset - Sacramento
Donnybrooks, The - Bakersfield
Eastgates, The - Fresno
Ebonkights, The - Madera
Ecko's, the  - Merced, CA
Eisage - Modesto
Emeralds, The  - Hanford
Epics, The - Bakersfield
E-Ticket - Bakersfield
E-Types, The - Salinas
Exterminators, The - Fresno

(F - L)

Family Tree, The  -  Stockton
Fapardokly - Pismo Beach
Flowers, Vancie - Bakersfield
Forth Oncome, The  - Hanford
Fugitives, The -  Sacramento
Gathering Sounds, The - Exeter
Garland, Dickie and the Rialtos - Bakersfield
Gaylads, The - Bakersfield
Gear One - Sacramento
Glen and The Good Guys - Fresno
Good Time Music Company -  Sacramento 
Grad, Brad - Sacramento
Hal Diamond Trio, The  - Hanford
Hayward Lee and the Mauraders - Fresno
Hillard Streets - Fresno
Human Project, The  - Clovis
Hunted, The  - Lemoore
Hustlers, The  - Sacramento 
Implicits, The - Visalia
Insurgents, The  - Sacramento
Invaders, The - Lemoore
Jackson, Randy - Merced
Jeannie Sanders - Lemoore
Jim Doval and The Gaucos - Fresno
Jim Waller and The Deltas - Fresno
J.J. Malone and the Rhythm Rockers - Fresno
Justus - Tulare
Kee-Notes, The  - Sacramento
Kings Verses - Fresno
Kreem Puff War - Fresno
LaRue, J.R. and the Goldtones - Bakersfield
Lee Riders, The - Hanford
Lavender Hill Mob -  Fresno
Laviathan - Fresno
Liberty Lads, The - Sacramento
Light Switch - Fresno
Link Eddy Combo - Delano
Little Ray - Delano
Living Dead, The - Sacramento
Lunatic Frynge - Tulare, CA
Lynn, Georgia - Bakersfield

(M - R)

Marvelous Vels, The - Fresno
Merced Blue Notes - Merced
Mergers, The  - Sacramento
Michael and The Jesters - Dinuba
Misfits, The - Fresno
Mixture,The - Hanford
Montereys, The - Bakersfield
Morlochs, The - Merced, CA 
Mozes - Visalia
Natty Bumppo - Fresno
New Breed, The  - Sacramento
New Life, The - Fresno
No-Na-Mee's, The  - Modesto
Nomads, The - Hanford
Opposite Six, The -  Sacramento
Organized Confusion - Fresno
Paradons - Bakersfield
Paragons, The  - Fresno
Pat and Lolly Vegas - Fresno
​Pierre and the Dueces - Lemoore, CA
R.B. Oliver Bridge Band - Dinuba
Redbone - Fresno
Prodigal, The - Tulare
Psy-Kicks, The  - Sacramento
Quinn-Teens, The  - Bakersfield
Raiks Progress - Fresno
Ratz, The - Modesto, CA
Ravens, The - Fresno
Ray Camacho and The Tear Drops - Fresno
R.D. and the Showmen - Visalia
Reflections, The - Sacramento
Renegades, The - Fresno
Rev-Lons, The - Bakersfield
Rialtos, The (featuring Freddy Thomas) -Tulare
Rick Lee and The Barons - Bakersfield
Rivingtons, The  - Visalia
Roadrunners, The - Fresno
Rockchester Bang, Kingsburg
Rockets Band, The  - Bakersfield
Roddy Jackson - Merced, CA
Roger Bailey and The Soul Folk,  Fresno
Ron Person and The Ron Dons - Fresno
Rhythm Aces, The -  Delano

(S - W)

Sabres, The - Fresno
Saint George and The Dragons - Sacramento
Salt Puque - Hanford
Satelites, The -  Tulare, CA
Sam Eddy and the Revels - Morro Bay
San Andres Fault - Visalia
Sedate Sunshine Colony, The  - Kingsburg
Sentinels, The - San Luis Obisbo
Sentrys, The -  Coalinga
Solid Gold and the Classics - Hanford
Strange Laughter - Modesto
Don Smith, Visalia
Saturday Knights, The - Visalia
Second Wind - Eugene, OR
Steam - Fresno
Stepping Stones, The  - Tulare
Sturgeon, Dane - Tulare
Sullies, The - Lemoore
Sunshine Daydream - Fresno, CA
Syndicate of Sound, The - San Jose
Tabs and Hillard Streets - Fresno
Twelve Miles Out  Kingsburg
United Sons of America - Bakersfield
Vicious Rumor - Hanford
Weathervane - Modesto
Wildwood - Stockton
White, T.C. - Visalia

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Business Cards
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​for SJV Bands

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10th Avenue Produce Band
Hanford, CA
1968 -Present

Band Members 
Jimmie Rodriques, Steve Brown ( Drums and vocals),
 and Myron Fagundas.

The "10th Avenue Produce Band" continues to play in the San Joaquin Valley and at the MELCO Concerts in Hanford, CA. 

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11th Field Hospital
Sanger, CA

Members Include:

"11th Field Hospital" was a five piece garage band based out of Snager, CA.  Mike Crain  (drumer) was the founding member of the group.  The "11th Field Hospital" performed the national hits of the day and through-out the San Joaquin Valley area. 
Discography of 11th Field Hospital:
No Recordings

The Accents
Dinuba, CA

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Band Members:

"The Accents" were a great garage rock group based out of Dinuba, CA.  The band performed frequently at "The Rainbow Ballroom" in Fresno and at Disneyland.  "The Accents" performed through-out California.  

Al Garcia and The Rhythm Kings
Delano , CA

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Band Members
Al Garcia, (other band member's names not known)

Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings hailed from Delano, California.  They were a great five piece group that introduced the central valley to a blend of rock-n-roll
and latin sounds.  The group recorded numerous 
times through-out the 60's.

Visit "Sundazed Records" for a CD of the group's 1960's hits.

Discography of Al Garcia and The Rhythm Kings:

Visit "Sundazed Records"​ for a CD of the group's
​1960's recordings.

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The Anonymous Five
Cocoran, CA

Band Members:
Loyd Vandergriff (lead vocals), David Delfino (lead guitar), Randy Mullins (drums), Robert Hook (FarfisaKeyboard), and Ron Baker (bass). 

The Anonymous Five was a five piece rock group based out of Corcoran, California. 

The Anonymous Five played the hits of the day
and performed at many of the MELCO dances and other venues through-out the central San Joaquin Valley.  The group recorded a single at Hal & Ron  Studios in Hanford, California (1967).  "Baby It's You" was side one and
"Just a Little" was the "B" side.  According to Loyd, The Anonymous Five  recorded additional tracks at the Hal & Ron Sudios in 1968, but the tapes were lost.  In 1968 The Anonymous Five morphed into Trans Love Airway.  In 1969  Trans Love Airway morphed into Black Earth.  Black Earth disbanded in 1969.  Many thanks to Loyd Vandergriff for sharing this information and
 photos of The Anonymous Five.
Loyd Vandergriff continues to record and perform.  To date he has released five CD's.

Discography of The Anonymous Five:

1. Baby It's You  (Hal & Ron)
2. Just A Little ( Hal & Ron)
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The Avengers
Bakersfield, CA

Band Members
Kenny Zigoures - Bass Guitar; Henry Gonzales -Guitar;
Gary Bernard - Drums; Greg Likens - Lead Guitar;  Jim Robesky - Sax and Organ; and Gerry Blake - Guitar.

Discography of The Avengers:

1. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore / When It's Over (F-G 104) 1965
2. Be A Caveman / Broken Hearts Ahead (Starburst 125) 1965
3. Shipwrecked / I Told You So (Starburst 128) 3/1966
4. It's Hard To Hide / Open Your Eyes (Current 109) 6/1966
5. Strange Faces / Softly As I Leave You (American 101) 1967

The Avergers were a great rock-n-roll group that hailed from Bakersfield. They opened for many of the name acts of the time.
The group originally formed as a six member surf band and were later influenced by the British Invasion.
The original band members were Henry Gonzales (rhythm guitar-vocals); Kenny Zigoures (bass guitar); Jim Robesky(sax and Farfisa organ); and Gerry Blake (rhythm guitar and vocals). The Avengers recorded five 45 rpm records between1964 and 1967. "Be a Caveman" is one of my favorites and has been on numerous garage compilations. The Avengers dis-banded in 1967 and Gerry Blake joined a group called "The United Sons of America."